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Reiki Drum Session

Reiki Drumming is a technique that combines two very powerful practices-the ancient energy of Reiki, with the sound vibration of the medicine drum. 

The drum becomes the tool for projecting the Reiki energy through sound waves to the recipient. Reiki combined with drumming helps to identify and remove blockages, reduce stress and strengthen the nervous system, while creating a deep sense of emotional well-being. It can improve focus and clarity, learning and memory, and help to unlock the creativity within. This is a powerful modality that can simultaneously bring balance to the physical, emotional,mental and spiritual bodies.

There are three ways to experience a Reiki Drum Session:

Reiki Drum Healing Session

Mental and Emotional Programming

Reiki Drum Journeying 

Sessions are in person only

The cost of a session is:

$80 for 60 mins

$120 for 90 mins

Crystal Healing Session

This relaxing and nurturing treatment combines the healing and soothing qualities of crystals with applied energy work. The session starts with a gentle guided meditation, followed by a full chakra crystal layout, a chakra cleanse and recharge, and an aura cleanse and smudge.

The session promotes a feeling of wellness and balance, relaxation and rejuvenation.

It also brings the chakras into alignment, through the release of blockages and dense energy. You will leave feeling energized, realigned, and much lighter through all levels of your being.

The cost of a session is:

$70 for 60 min

$100 for 90 min