Awaken Your Inner Wisdom

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Astrological Forecast Consultations: 

I combine my many years of experience in astrology with my intuition,and counselling skills, to give you a 12 month outlook that can support you to take advantage of the astrological transits and progressions that are taking place in your chart. The transits offer a glimpse of what is taking place in your external world, while the progressions provide an opportunity for the soul to evolve by moving through the gifts and lessons of the signs they are in. During the consultation I will look at the main themes taking place in your chart and how you can best work with them to create opportunities and growth.

Sessions are available in person and via Skype.

The cost of the consultation is $120 AUD.


Astrological Natal Consultation:
 Astrology is an amazing tool that helps us peel back the layers of ourselves to reveal the wise and amazing souls that we are.  It also acts as a compass to help navigate  life's journey. An astrological natal consultation will help you to understand how your personal chart influences the way you think, feel and relate, your skills and talents, your strengths and your life lessons.  You will leave the session with a much deeper insight into yourself and how you can move through life in a way that supports you to reach your full potential.
Sessions are available in person and via Skype.
The cost of the consultation is $120 AUD.