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May Cosmic Update

Posted on 29 April, 2019 at 20:20 Comments comments (1)

May: Release, replenish, restore.

You know those times in life where all systems are on the go, and it seems like a break is the very last thing that you’re able to enjoy?

Well…May looks to be a month where we can stop, become still and take a breath.

Although there are quite a few sign changes and aspects that take place during the month, the general vibe is one of reprieve, as we slow down and become less active and more receptive.

Taurus dominates the month with the Sun, Mercury and Venus, all visiting the sign of the Bull at varying stages throughout May. Taurus brings our focus to the material world (physical world) and will put us in touch with how we treat our body and what we can create here on the earthly plane with our two hands and steely determination.

Much will be revealed about how we view emotional and financial security, our physical possessions-and whether we also view our loved one’s as possessions, and our relationship with money.

The month starts off with Saturn beginning its retrograde phase for the next 4 ½ months. This technically started on April 30th yet is too close to May not to mention.

Saturn in retrograde motion will make us acutely aware of our limitations, yet not for the purpose of eroding our self-esteem. More to show us what we are committed to, and that sometimes we need to pull our awareness within so we can focus only on what is important to us. Saturn can be a hard taskmaster-I often think as Saturn as a strict parent; one who may be cold in the way they deliver their guidance, yet always have your best interests at heart.

There may be delays, obstacles and challenges while Saturn is retrograde. While this may prove to be frustrating, it serves a purpose, as this period can show us the skills we need to perfect, the lessons we need to learn, and the biggest reveal of all… that we are in fact the masters of our own destiny. During this time, it is important to ask yourself whether what you are creating in your world is truly what you want. Is what you are building now enough to sustain you in the future? Are your foundations solid, or do they need a complete renovation? There is much to contemplate over the next four months, and we will need time alone to gain insights into the deepest parts of ourselves.

Quite often we will find that we have created our own restrictions, and once we get to the bottom of the why’s, we will be free to build the life we truly desire.

The New Moon takes place at 14 degrees of Taurus on May 5th. The New Moon is a powerful time of beginnings and instinctively feeling into how we would like the upcoming month to unfold. It is a potent time of manifestation-one where we can focus our attention to bring our desires and wishes to life.

Taurus turns our awareness toward comfort, safety, gardening, beauty, sensuality, our ability to create, and finances and security.

I find the New Moon a fantastic time to look at the themes that the sign of the month is alerting us to and identifying where we may need to bridge the gap between how things currently are, and how we would like them to be. As the Moon is still predominantly dark, it will be incredibly helpful in releasing less than desirable traits and behaviours so that they’re not tainting our new beginnings.

The earth element of Taurus will gift us with the resilience and focus to see our dreams through to fruition. Just be sure that you don’t become so caught up in one way of doing things that you become closed to other options or support that is on offer.

Both Saturn and Neptune will make helpful aspects to the New Moon, bestowing us with the ability to make our dreams a concrete reality. So, get excited about what you can create and bring to fruition.

The day after the New Moon is the Sabbat of Samhain in the Southern Hemisphere. Samhain represents the descent into Winter and is known as a time when the veils between the worlds are at their thinnest-thus making it easier to connect with our loved one’s and ancestors who are no longer with us. To feel the presence of a loved one, can bring comfort and help with the grief process. It is a lovely time to reflect upon and acknowledge those who have gone before us and the impact they have made in our world, and the legacy they have left behind.

On May 7th, Mercury will arrive in Taurus for approximately 2 weeks. The way in which we think and communicate will be influenced by common sense, practicality and decisiveness.

It may take some time to get moving with a new project or idea, but once you do, you will more than likely see it through until the end. Mercury’s aspect to Uranus will kickstart your motivation and bring innovative ideas.

Venus joins Mercury and the Sun in Taurus on May 17th. Venus in this placement is “at home” and feels completely comfortable with this cosmic combination. Venus in the sign of the Bull craves luxury, comfort and food and drink that fills their tummy while taking them on a journey of the senses. They like to take their time in the bedroom, favouring long and sensual connections over the “wham bam thank you mam” dalliances that Venus in Aries can be drawn to.

Venus in Taurus likes to enjoy life at a slower place. Luxuriating in the senses and being completely in the present moment so that they can experience all the sensory pleasures that life has to offer.

Mars is also slowing down during the month of May, making its way out of racy Gemini, into the more subdued Cancer on May 17. Mars in this placement will turn our focus towards our home, family, past, and how our upbringing has influenced us. There may be conflicts that come to pass in these areas of our lives yet will also be able to go about healing them once they have been identified. A perfect time to root our deep-seated family issues that have been brewing under the surface. Saturn’s dance with the North and South Node will also support us in breaking down old paradigms in this area.

The Full Moon in Scorpio on May 19th will illuminate areas of our lives pertaining to sexuality, merging with another both on an intimate and business level, the occult, shared finances, and our deepest desires. This is an intense Moon, I won’t lie. One that can take us to the very depths of ourselves and puts us in contact with powerful emotions.

Scorpio’s ruler Pluto has recently gone into retrograde motion, prompting us to purge, cleanse, and remove anything toxic from our lives. This Full Moon will give us an indication of what that may be.

Much healing can be derived from journeying with the Scorpio energy. As we let go and release what no longer supports us, we heal from old wounds, and become confident in stepping into our power and approaching life from a renewed and transformed space.

The 22nd May sees the Sun move into the sign of the Twins. After all the inner exploration that the preceding weeks have brought, the arrival of light-hearted Gemini will be like a breath of fresh air!

Mercury ruled Gemini is quick witted, humourous and young at heart. The focus now turns towards all things pertaining to communication, how the mind works, and having fun.

Gemini is adaptable, versatile and restless. They love to talk and favour mental stimulation over all other forms of connecting.

This is a perfect time to expand your knowledge by becoming lost in the parallel worlds that books can offer, enrolling in a short course, or taking a trip to somewhere you’ve never been.

Gemini’s are the connectors of the zodiac. They absorb knowledge like it is air. They love to share information and alert others to things they may not have been aware of had they not come into contact with each other. All you need is a curious and open mind-Gemini will fill in the rest.

All this mental energy can have an unhelpful effect on the nervous system. So, make sure that you take time out to rest, destress and engage in deep breathing or meditation.

I am a big believer in balance. And one of the many things that the Twins can teach us is to honour the dualities within and without.

May you move through your month with ease and grace. May the planets reveal what it is that you most need to know for your soul’s journey. And, may you be transformed. Cleansed of what is no longer in alignment with you and receptive to that which is.




Action packed April!!

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Get ready for an action packed April, as the watery energy of Pisces makes way for the very bold and upfront influence of the ram.

On April 1st, Mars the ruler of Aries moves into the sign of Gemini. This has the effect of mental stimulation on steroids and the attention span of a kid hyped up on sugar. It does create a rather vivid imagination, plus increased wit and intelligence. Mars in the sign of the Twins needs both their physical and mental needs to be fulfilled-and won’t worry if it takes multiple partners to do so.

Thses two energies combined are somewhat of a firecracker, so it’s important that healthy expression is given. It’s a perfect time for strong physical exercise or joining a debate team…or both!! You choose..just remember that words are like weapons, so think carefully before you blurt something out that you can’t take back.

On April 5th, the Sun and Moon come together to form the New Moon. Now, as you may or may not know, the New Moon is a time of new beginnings. Planting the seeds of what we desire to bring into manifestation, and working with the universe to bring our wishes to life. The New Moon coupled with Aries gives us a double dose of get up and go.

This is an action packed time-one in which we have the motivation and the courage to blaze new trails, take action, explore the unknown and perhaps even take a risk or two.

Aries rules the first house in astrology, so this will be a month of self-focus, self-reliance, independence, and autonomy. If you’ve been feeling a little lost and lacking clarity(who hasn’t after Mercury retrograde right!) the fire oriented energy of Aries will help you get back on your horse and start heading in the direction that is right for you.

Aries injects us with confidence and self-belief, so we feel more comfortable in standing up for what we believe in and owning our rightful place in the world.

The Moon will be forming a square to Saturn which means that we are more likely to give our plans structure and foundation, rather than rushing into them like a bat out of hell. Saturn is cautious, and reminds us to be responsible and how actions we take now will affect us in the long term. There may be some delays, yet they could be blessings in disguise. Not everything we decide is for us, is actually good for us-so in that respect an obstacle or two may be the very thing that saves us from hot water further down the track.

April 12 sees Jupiter begin its retrograde phase at 24 degrees of Sagittarius. This phase will last for approximately 4 months, and will turn the buoyant energy of Jupiter within, as we search for personal truth and the meaning of our own life. This is a period of self reflection and discovering what it is we truly believe in. Developing a spiritual practice will be supportive throughout this period, as will listening to our inner wisdom. This time can prove to be less enthusiastic than other Jupiter transits, yet can give us the ability to reassess the bigger picture of “why we are here” and how we are all interconnected within the tapestry of life.

On April 17th and 18th consecutively, Mercury moves out of the shadow phase and straight into Aries. Yay I hear you all cry in joy!!

Similar to Mars in Gemini, this combination promotes quick thinking, a short atteniton span, and direct communication that would give Saggy’s a run for their money. Knowledge is important under this influence, and ideas and concepts will be easily absorbed.

April 19th sees the second Full Moon in Libra, illuminate us with her light. In March she was at the very early degrees of Libra, whereas now, she is at the very last degree.

This gives the indication that the period from Full Moon to Full Moon, has very much been about relationships. As there has been so much planetary energy in Libra’s opposite sign of Aries, one could almost say, that it’s an “us versus them” kind of theme. Aries encourages us to be autonomous and self focused, while Libra is all about partnership and sometimes taking teamwork to the level of sacrifice. The extreme characteristics of both of these signs are unhealthy. Aries can be selfish, aggressive, self absorbed and impatient, while Libra can be co-dependent, and appeasing-always putting others before themselves.

The Full Moon will bring to light where these behaviours are prominent in our world’s and what we can do to make them more harmonious. Libra is about balance after all!

Some great questions to ask yourself around this time are; in what way can I use my skills of negotiation and diplomacy to bring resolution to my most intimate of connections? Am I accepting of other’s viewpoints? Can I maintain a strong sense of self in partnership? What do I need to do to bring my scales back into balance.

These are tough questions, I know. Yet paramount if we are to have a healthy and respectful relationship with ourselves and others.

Pluto’s square to the Full Moon does signify the ending of a cycle or something that is no longer working. Yet as Pluto begins its retrograde phase the following day, you may find that these themes will have particular significance over the next 5 months or so.

As I mentioned above, Pluto begins its retrograde period on April 20th, signalling 5 ½ months of life altering changes that are brought about through the destruction and death of the old, and the regeneration that comes when we allow ourselves to meet our deepest fears and transform them. As Pluto made contact with the Full Moon right before the retrograde period, there is a sense that the themes will be emotional in nature, and also have lessons around control, manipulation, jealousy and using subversive tactics to gain power over others. Pluto teaches us to tap into our inner power often through challenging external situations. One thing is for sure; you don’t enter and leave a Pluto transit as the same person. The phoenix rising from the ashes sums up the Plutonic experince perfectly.

Venus moves into Aries on April 21st, encouraging us to relate in racy and perhaps unpredictable ways. Venus in this sign values spontaneity, variety, and adrenalin.

If your love life has become a bit ho-hum, this could be just the injection you need to get it back on track!

On the same day, the Sun moves into Taurus, brining our attentions to the finer things in life. The Bull loves comfort, peace, and to feel safe and secure. Taurus moves at a much slower pace than Aries, and will encourage us to stop and smell the roses and to indulge in a little luxury. AKA: good food, good wine, bubble baths, sensory and sensual pleasures, and delighting in connecting to the Earth. Taurus are very hard workers when inspired by something they love, and will stop at nothing to see their dreams come to fruition.

There will be a few days at the beginning of Taurus season, when Uranus will form a conjunction to the Sun, bringing innovation, change, sudden flashes of inspiration and quite possibly, a huge push out of our comfort zone. Taurus is a fixed sign-who isn’t really keen on change. Whereas Uranus is all about stretching people to their edges so they can be free of anything that is heavy and stagnant. So if you’ve been stuck in a rut, or apathetic-this could be just the push you need to get moving again. Uranus won’t always bring pretty or welcome experiences, yet it will bring the shake ups that are needed for soul growth and to help you share your unique and special talents with the world.

An action packed month indeed! Yet if we can move with the energy-rather than against it-we can gain some massive insights into ourselves, and let the planets do their jobs. Which I believe,is to support us in our evolution as human and spiritual beings.


Many Blessings for the month ahead




Venus in Pisces.

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Venus in Pisces: 27th March-21st April 2019.

Venus in Pisces will bring a softness within which we relate to others. There is a sense of compassion and empathy that comes along with the pairing of these cosmic energies.

Venus in Aquarius brought a sense of independence to our world's-so much so, that we may have felt somewhat detached from our nearest and dearest. The distant nature of Uranian ruled Aquarius can support self-growth and objectivity, yet can also bring aloofness and emotional coldness. Aquarius wants to relate in an intellectual way, while Pisces wants to come from the heart.

Venus in Pisces inspires us to believe that love is possible. Romantic gestures and the desire to merge with your sweetie or a potential lover are strong over the next few weeks.

Miscommunications and misunderstandings that occurred during the soon to end Mercury Retrograde, will be just the tonic that is needed for those who have been struggling with their relationships and intimate connections. There will be a greater capacity for affection and sharing from the heart space. Bust ups that were a result of Mercury RX, may come back for a second round, or be let go of once and for all. Trust your gut in relation to this.

As Venus also rules beauty and values, our attentions will turn towards pursuits that hold deep spiritual meaning and give us a sense of the warm and fuzzy's.

This is a phase that stimulates altruism and the need to share part of ourselves with the wider community. Intuition is heightened, so there is a sense that we will be able to "feel" into what others are experiencing, without them so much as uttering a word.

While this can be a huge benefit to others who welcome the support, it can also prove to be draining if you are giving away too much of your energy without looking after your own needs first.

Be there for others if you are called to, yet don't take on their stuff. Boundaries are paramount throughout this phase.

Beauty comes through art and music, so don't be surprised if you're moved to tears by a piece that speaks to your very soul.

Venus in Pisces is a soft and flowing energy that will open us up to the more Yin elements of life. Spending time in nature, meditation, or birthing something on a creative level, all have the potential to put us in touch with with the unseen, yet felt aspects of life.

It can be a time of great emotion as Pisces offers us the ability to root out and give expression to our feelings. Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac, which affords us the opportunity to release, cleanse, purify, and bring conclusion to anything that no longer holds a healthy space in our lives.

Addictions, habits, conditioned thoughts and behaviours, are just some of the things you might let go of as you reassess what is and isn't of value to you.

As it is easy to idealize others throughout this period, it's important that we listen to our inner vibes-especially if our eyes can't(or don't want to)see what is taking place.

Trust your inner wisdom, for it will always lead you towards the path that aligns with your soul journey.

It's not all work and no play. Venus loves luxury; so run a bubble bath, light some candles, crack open some champagne(or whatever your preferred tipple is) and let yourself be transported to another world.

Surrender, relax and let go. <3 If you don't have anyone to romance; romance yourself. <3

Full Moon in Libra.

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Full Moon @ 0 Libra:

20th March 8.44 pm New York

21st March 1.44 am London

21st March 11.44 am Brisbane

This is the last full moon that occurs before the astrological new year starts when the Sun moves in to Aries on March 21st.

It is perfect that the sign of the Moon is in Libra, as it corresponds to the theme of balance that the Equinox represents.

Here in the Southern Hemisphere we will celebrate Autumn Equinox-a time of reflection and harvest as we prepare to head into the colder days of Winter taking only what we need. In the Northern Hemisphere, Spring Equinox represents the reawakening of the earth after the hibernation of Winter.

Regardless of where we are in the world, both day and night will have equal time. It is a balancing point of the light and the dark and reminds us that both elements are equally as important as the other.

Which brings me back to Libra. Libra craves harmony and balance…so much so that the sign itself is represented by the glyph of the scales. After all the shenanigans that have been taking place in the cosmos, it would be fair to say that the scales may have become out of balance.

Yet sometimes to get to a place of harmony, we need to experience a certain amount of chaos, so we can identify exactly what it is we need to feel centred and grounded.

Libra is ruled by Venus and takes up residence in the 7th house of the natural chart, which means that themes around relationships will be under the spotlight. As the Sun moves into Aries on the same day as the full moon, there is a sense that there can be conflict between personal needs and the needs of a significant other. (Note: significant other doesn’t always need to be a partner. We have many relationships in our lives, and as Venus is prominent, there is a high chance that females with feature in the mix.)

Relationships are our biggest teachers. They show us so many things about ourselves. What we like, what we don’t like. What we are willing to accept, what we won't accept, where we compromise, how we love others, how we love ourselves, and our sense of self-worth is reflected in the relationships we surround ourselves with.

The Full Moon illuminates what has been hidden. Perhaps you have felt the undercurrents of something brewing deep beneath the surface. Mercury retrograde has certainly played a hand in that with Neptune sending signs and signals that are sometimes hard to decipher.

Yet here is the thing; we are in the last week of the retrograde phase. Soon Mercury will turn direct and move out of its shadow phase. The Sun will move into Aries signalling new beginnings. And tomorrow’s full moon will bring a hint-if not a full-blown insight-into why we have been traversing some very intense situations.

I have Moon Libra in my natal chart. The trap with any planet in Venus ruled Libra is to smooth things over to give the representation of balance and beauty ie: we must keep up appearances to the outside world.

Through many experiences I have learnt that true balance comes from making an honest inventory of what is occurring within and without. Not covering up, not pretending, not putting up with.

It is time to let go of what isn’t supporting you on an emotional level. Co-dependency and appeasing behaviours are not healthy. Indecision is not healthy if it is keeping you stuck in a rut.

It’s time to look at all your connections and how much time you are dedicating to them. Ask yourself if your connections are mutually supportive and helping you to evolve-and vice versa. If not, it may be time to let them go or at least minimize the time you commit to them.

As I mentioned earlier, Mercury is still retrograde. It’s been a tough one according to the feedback I’ve had from many. Yet, it can bring healing, as it encourages us to revisit something or someone from the past and bring closure to it. It is a time to lay to rest something that has been bothering you. Tying up loose ends and saying “sayonara”.

This blends in perfectly with tomorrow’s Full Moon, as it affords us the opportunity to “clear the decks” before we move into the energy that is Aries.

My suggestion is to write everything down that has been frustrating or irritating you, pulling on your heartstrings or had you in turmoil, and burn it. Really feel that energy leaving as you watch the flames consume the paper.

Then light a candle (Aries is a fire sign) to welcome in the new. Perhaps you can use a black and white candle to signify balance, or you can enact the ritual at dusk or dawn to represent both night and day.

The scales are coming back into balance. Justice will be served, and peace will be restored. Relationships also extend to the connection between us and the universe. We are co-creators and play a big part in how situations will unfold. So, show up for yourself. Know that you have the power to elicit the changes that you desire.

The key is identifying what they are…this will become clearer over the days and weeks to follow.

In the meantime, remember that self-mastery comes through finding things that help you maintain your inner peace-regardless of what is life is serving up in the external world.


Full Moon Blessings


Look back with thanks, and forward with confidence.


Krishna <3

New Moon in Pisces

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New [email protected] degrees of Pisces:

6th March 11.05 am New York

6th March 4.05 pm London

7th March 2.05 am Brisbane

7th March 3.05 am Sydney

7th March 5.05 am New Zealand

As I sat under the dark, star scattered sky last night, and began to let go of what I had been holding onto, I realized that the upcoming lunar cycle would be one of surrender.

I mentioned surrendering in my recent post about Mercury Retrograde, yet had no idea how it would come into play in my own world.

There are many ways to surrender, and how it looks will depend on you and what's taking place in your life.

In my experience, a build of pressure and holding, forced me to let go. And surprise, was water(Pisces is a water sign) that brought it about.

The Moon will come into conjunction with the Sun at 16 degrees of Pisces. This is an important degree, as not only is Neptune(the ruler of Pisces) also at this degree; so was Mercury when it moved into the shadow phase of the retrograde. So essentially, this New Moon has a double dose of Neptune influencing it.

Generally the New Moon is associated with new beginnings, the planting of seeds, and manifesting. Yet this Moon also speaks of becoming aware of what's at play in your life, and feeling into what you would like to release. If you cast your mind back to 19th-20th February, it will give you an idea of what that might be.

The Moon is predominantly dark, so she is still calling us to banish, cleanse and purify. To sit in the void and allow the release to come. Neptune helps us to dissolve barriers, and through the release of emotions we are able to break down our defense mechanisms and connect more deeply with who we truly are. In this space we can access our dreaming and envisaging for the future, our imagination, our creativity, and our connection to spirit.

Retreating from the world and seeking solitude are perfectly normal at this time, as it gives us a chance to access the wisdom of our higher self. We are also more easily able to tune into our subconscious mind to identify thoughts and beliefs that are stopping us from living the life we desire. This is a huge month of healing. A time of working through old wounds and fears(Mercury conjunct Chiron) and letting the tears come when they need to. Sensitivity is heightened throughout the next few days(and possibly weeks) so be mindful of the spaces you take yourself into.

Eat well, rest,practice yoga, meditation or breath work, draw, create and dream. Put on your favourite music and let it move you. Anything that brings peace to your nervous system will serve you well.

We are being given the opportunity to release before the new astrological year begins later this month.

Use the element of water as your ally. Bathe, swim, drink, cleanse and let the tears flow. Empty out toxicity and fill up with compassion and kindness.

All of this cleansing and tying up of loose ends, has a Uranus moves into Taurus just after the New Moon-beckoning us into new territory by shaking up the status quo.

WE can either accept the invitation or go back to what we know...the choice is ours.

Either way, we will have a clearer idea of where we are headed and why certain situations have come to pass, when Mercury goes direct on March 29th and clears the shadow phase completely around 16-17th April.

WE are in for a wild ride, yet don't give up. Seek out help when you need it, and share you feelings with others. After all, Pisces reminds us that we are all connected in some way, and it's through our sharing that we discover we are not alone.

May you move through this month with ease and grace.


Lunar blessings to you all. <3


Mercury Retrograde in Pisces.

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Mercury Retrograde: 6th-29th March 2019.

The first Mercury RX of the year is almost upon us. Out of all of the astrological transits that occur, it seems that this is the one that most seem to know about. I hear a lot of criticism directed Mercury's way during this period. It's almost as if the planet gets blamed for every little thing that might go wrong in our world. Even though the planets do have an influence on us, we need to be mindful that we don't blame them for how we are feeling. We still need to be accountable and responsible for our thoughts, words and actions-regardless of what is happening out there in the cosmos.

Mercury is the messenger. In astrology he brings the gift of information, how we perceive the world, the style in which we communicate, and how we process on a mental level.

The sign Mercury is in will have a huge influence on how the above is expressed.

In Pisces, Mercury is expressed through the scope of feeling. It's natural for these natives to communicate through the realm of creativity and spirituality. Logic can often take second place to intuition. You may hear a Pisces Mercury native say "I just had a gut feeling." Mercury in the sign of the fish is already at home in the intuitive and sensitive right side of the brain-which gives them an advantage when it comes to the retrograde period.

When a planet is moving forward it is thought to be functioning at its optimum. When a planet begins its retrograde period, it can be likened to having a bad hair day due to it not doing what we expect or what we are used to.

Mercury retrograde can have an effect on our thought processes, our rational mind and the way we communicate. If it can also bring forgetfulness and a kind of vague feeling.

Yet in a world where thoughts tend to dominate and the monkey mind causes all sorts of trouble, it is nice to have a departure from thinking all the time.

During this period it is important that you start paying attention to the other ways that messages are conveyed. Trust your instincts, explore the symbolism of your dreams, and take notice of repetitive signs that occur externally-such as songs on the radio, billboards with pertinent messages that seem to pop into your consciousness randomly, and visits from the animal kingdom.

When our minds are so full of thoughts, we may not see the subtle tidings that are presented to us from other realms.

As Mercury retrograde can put us in touch with our subconscious mind, we can begin to lay to rest anything that is no longer serving us. This may be illusionary thinking, addictions, unhealthy and erroneous thoughts and beliefs, and being a victim to life.

Neptune ruled Pisces encourages us to dissolve the barriers that are stopping us from fully embracing our spirit and connection to the divine.

Surrender is a keyword during this period. The basic meaning of surrender is to stop resisting and to hand something over.

If you have been feeling challenged by a particular person or situation and you haven't been able to find a solution to-hand it over to the universe. Often times things have a way of working themselves out when we aren't as focused on them.

Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac, which means that this is a perfect time to "clear the decks" before we move into the astrological new year when the Sun moves into Aries.

Yes there may be delays, issues with electronics and gaps in information...yet is it really that big of a deal in the bigger picture? I think's our response to it that is the most revealing.

Much can be unveiled during this phase, so keep an open mind and heart. <3

May this period be one of cleansing, purification, release, insight, rest and recuperation. <3

Chiron in Aries.

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Chiron in Aries: February 2019-April 2027.

Chiron is known as the wounded healer. Its placement in our chart will show us where we are challenged, and where those challenges can lead to great healing. The sign and house Chiron is in will give us much information regarding the themes surrounding the wound, and what it is that will bring healing. Chiron can affect all levels of our being-physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. How this plays out for you personally will be influenced by where Chiron sits in your chart, the house it occupies, and any aspects it is making to other planets. Apart from a brief stint between May and October last year, Chiron has not been in the sign of Aries since 1976. This means that Chiron has gone through all of the signs of the zodiac in that time. Shining a light on the lessons and subsequent gifts that come when we allow healing into our lives. Aries is the beginning of the zodiac, which means we are moving into a brand new cycle. For those of you who were born with Chiron in Aries (1968-1976) you will be coming up to your Chiron return around the ages of 50-51.

The rest of you will still feel the effect of Chiron in Aries regardless of where your natal Chiron is placed.

So, let's look at the sign of Aries. This is a cardinal fire sign. Aries motto is "I am"! They are the pioneers and trailblazers of the zodiac. They bold, courageous and confident. They do things on their own terms and are often super competitive.

Enter Chiron. Chiron kind of casts a shadow on the Ram by bringing in self-doubt.

The very traits that make Aries who they are, are somewhat watered down by Chiron. They become a paradox unto themselves. Starting off all gung-ho and ready to conquer the world, and then losing steam part of the way through. It can be a huge internal struggle-yet one that helps in the confrontation of fears and finding new ways to perceive ourselves and our lives. The phrase "feel the fear and do it anyway" comes to mind when I am writing this.

Themes that will be prominent during this very long visit from Chiron will pertain to loss of self-worth, unworthiness, feeling rejected, undeserving, the classic "I'm not good enough" belief, and an unfocused sense of purpose. This is not an exhaustive list of wounds yet will give you an idea of what may come up for you.

These wounds can be expressed through putting yourself last, championing causes for others (and not yourself) harsh inner dialogue, fear, giving power away, and not standing up for yourself.

The other side of the coin is aggressive behaviour, refusal to ask for help, and big reactions to perceived criticism and judgement .

Healing comes through acknowledging and loving who we are as unique beings. To be courageous enough to accept our flaws and to know ourselves so intimately that we are not swayed or affected by the opinions of others. By learning to stand up for ourselves we assert that we matter-that we have just as much right to be in this world as the next person.

YOU MATTER! Read these words and state them to yourself. You are not invisible. In fact, you have a unique purpose to play on the planet. Without you there is a piece of the puzzle missing.

When we heal our personal wounds, we also heal the collective wounds of the planet. It's time to take a stand against aggression, anger and self-doubt, so that we can bring love, peace and healing to ourselves and the world.



Sun in Pisces

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From Feb 18th until the 20th March, the Sun will be in the sign of the Pisces. The Sun is the giver of life, our purpose and the way we shine-among other things-and will direct the spotlight toward the particular traits of the sign it is in.

First of all, Pisces is a water sign. Water rules the if you have found yourself feeling sensitive and teary...this could be why. Pisces are super intuitive and will often just "know things". They have hunches rather than flashes of logic. Which isn't to say they don't use their mind-they do. Their view though, is perceived more through an emotional lens than it is analytical.

This is a great time to unleash the creative side of yourself by tapping into your imagination. Daydreaming is big under the Pisces banner...and you may find those times spent in liminal space to be productive in the sense that they give you the beginnings of an idea that can turn into something truly spectacular if you commit to manifesting it on the physical plane. Think art, poetry, photography, songwriting etc...

Pisces are empathetic and compassionate, so don't be surprised if you find yourself deeply moved or even sobbing when you hear a sad story or see something that touches your heart.

This is a big month of the feels! And while I am all for emotional expression, it is important that we don't become overly reactive and feeling oriented to the point of losing our sense of objectivity.

Boundaries are a big challenge with the Pisces energy. You need to know where you end and others begin. A good way to recognize this is to check in with yourself and ask within if the energy you are carrying belongs to you or someone else. If it is yours you can employ whatever techniques you favour to move through it. If it belongs to another, it needs to be released through either smudging, a cleansing bath or swim, or movement.

You will feel drawn to offer emotional support over the next month. Just know that becoming a dumping ground benefits no one. I will say it again....have boundaries!!

Mercury is already in the sign of the Fish, and Venus will come to play in the early days of March. Neptune is also in the sign in Pisces, bringing the planet count up to 4. We will also have a Pisces New Moon within the next two weeks, plus Mercury retrograde.


The strong Neptune influence will encourage the majority of us to turn toward some form of spirituality. To let go of the constant chatter of the mind and to tune into spirit-both within and without. There are many different ways to do this, and I encourage you to find what works for you. Mine is the peace that comes from sitting in nature or under the moonlight. The stillness that comes from being in the presence of great mountains. That is where I step out of the mundane world and connect to something that is bigger than me.

Neptune ruled Pisces helps us to release the barriers that stop us from experiencing bliss. Here is where we can detach from the egoic mind-even if just for a moment-and allow joy to flood our inner being.

Meditation, yoga, flotation therapy, crystal healing, and ecstatic dance are just some of the ways we can reach the states. Let your inner-tuition guide you to what will work best for you.

This month is great for becoming aware of addictive behaviours, deception(yours or another's) and disappointments.

Review anything that is stopping you from working towards your highest good.

Release, surrender, let go. <3


Mercury In Pisces

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Mercury has moved into Pisces for quite an extended stay, due to the upcoming retrograde phase that kicks in on March 6th. Mercury is usually only in a sign for approximately 3 weeks; yet when Mercury goes retrograde, it will stay in a sign for approximately 9 weeks.

Mercury is the thinker of the zodiac. It is the way we perceive information and then pass it onto others. Mercury also influences our communication style.

In Pisces, thought processes are more intuitive rather than logical. Pisces being a water sign is perceptive and sensitive to the subtleties of the environment surrounding them and trust instincts over the rational mind. Messages will present themselves in otherworldly ways; so pay attention to dreams, synchronicities and signs from the animal kingdom, a billboard, a song on the radio etc...

There's a chance with Mercury in Pisces that spiritual development and seeking inner truths will become important. It is a great time to start up/or delve deeper into a meditation practice, yoga, or even therapy that explores the deep caverns of the psyche.

The downside to this aspect is vagueness, difficulty concentrating, and being completely influenced by your emotions.

If you find yourself experiencing any of the above, take some time out to connect to the earth and ground your energy. Take regular breaks, practice deep breathing, and let your emotions move through you.

Due to the empathetic and compassionate influence that Mercury in Pisces can bestow on us mere mortals, you may find yourself being drawn to altruistic pursuits such a community service work or volunteering your time to a charity or organisation.It is a perfect time to pay forward some kindness by helping those in need.

Not only will the recipient benefit from your kindness, you will also get to feel all warm and fuzzy for having shared your time and heart with another.

Mercury in Pisces can be deceptive in the sense that we can fool ourselves into believing something that isn't true, or go out of our way to deceive another-or vice versa. If you find yourself on the receiving end of your gut and know that the truth always finds a way of being revealed. And..if you are being deceptive or planning on being deceitful, know that somewhere, somehow, you will be found out. Best to say what you mean and mean what you say. No white lies allowed!!

Neptune ruled Pisces can help us access realms that aren't always available to us. Music sounds so much sweeter, colours are more vibrant, and there is a sense of the ethereal in the air. We may not know what it is, yet it fills our soul with a sweetness unlike anything else...even if only for a moment. And that my friends is the magic of Neptune-the ability to step outside of the mundane world and feel connected to something that is way bigger than we can ever know.

Lunar Report for February.

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New Moon @ 16 Aquarius: 4th February 4.05 PM New York

4th February 9.05 PM London

5th February 7.05 AM Brisbane

Full Moon @1 Virgo: 19th February 10.55 AM New York

19th February 3.55 PM London

20th February 1.55 AM Brisbane

We have made it through the first month of the year! I don’t know about the rest of you, but January sure felt like a very long month for me with two eclipses and lashings of Capricorn energy. Everything has its place though, and January gave us the opportunity to clear the decks and move on from what no longer supports us, while becoming clear about how we would like to shape our year.

The Moon in Aquarius will completely change things up, by injecting new life into our minds and therefore the way we perceive the world and all of our experiences.

Aquarius is an air sign, which means that social interactions and the sharing of ideas is very important. This is a sign that is known for being a little ‘left of field’ and doing things their own way. They can be random, eccentric, and completely different from anyone you’ve ever met.

The New Moon is a time of planting seeds for the upcoming month. Each month she will move through a different sign-and therefore will unfold in different ways.

This is a time of reflecting upon what we would like to bring into our worlds to best further the evolution of our soul.

If your world has become a little stagnant or boring, the presence of Aquarius will help you to feel more excited about life. Aquarius is ruled by the planet Uranus; and the only thing predictable about that planet is its unpredictability. The catchphrase of Uranus can be “expect the unexpected”, so with that in mind, just know that your manifestations and experiences may be presented to you in ways that are completely different to how you imagined them to be. So, keep an open mind and heart. Sometimes what we think we want is worlds apart from what we actually need.

Some of the things we can wish for on the Aquarian New Moon are:

*Increased social interactions

*Friendship that embraces our eccentricities and idiosyncrasies

*Becoming more altruistic

*The ability to share our ideas with a group or organisation

*Starting a group that will support the collective consciousness in some way

*Detaching from strong emotion so that we can see through the eyes of objectivity

*Learning to love ourselves for the unique and original being that we are

*Being inventive with ideas and solutions

This is by no means an exhaustive list. It is merely something to ponder upon. Come up with your own ideas. After all, Aquarius is all about originality!!

Just a quick note… Aquarius is a fixed sign, which means that there’s a tendency to have a one-track mind at times. There is more than one way to do things, and much can be achieved by embracing the ideas of others and working together for the greater good.

This is a great phase to envisage how we would like our future to look!

Almost two weeks after the New Moon, the Moon will become full in the sign of Virgo. Talk about signs at opposite ends of the spectrum. Aquarius can be chaotic and rebellious, while Virgo prefers organisation and routine.

But hey, as multi-layered beings, who doesn’t like a challenge! I believe everything comes back to balance… and this month will be a reminder of how we can work with different energies to achieve that.

The Full Moon is a time when lunar energies are at their peak. The Sun and the Moon are in opposition, and quite often can bring repressed emotions to the surface. Sometimes the energy will feel like it is too much to harness. In this case it is important to utilize the energy of Virgo and connect to the earth to bring centering and grounding.

Some believe that the Full Moon is a time of release. I see it more as a time of becoming aware of what is and isn’t working. The Sun is shining its light on the Moon, bringing up things that often remain hidden. That’s why at times it can feel as if you are “losing the plot” or feeling a little crazy. The word lunacy is derived from lunar-which of course refers to the Moon.

Education aside, this can feel like a big time. Some things will come to a natural ending or culmination during this phase, while others will be choices that are more conscious in nature.

In the sign of Virgo our attentions may be drawn to our health and fitness, our daily routines, our work, how and where we are of service to others, whether we have been critical of ourselves and others, and whether our need to be perfect in some way is creating stress in our lives.

Use this time to connect in with any unhelpful habits you have, and how you can replace them with more healthy ways of being.

Mercury ruled Virgo are the worriers of the zodiac, so it may be time to get to the core of where the worry is coming from and employ relaxation techniques to deal with them. 

Both Uranus and Mercury can have a heightened effect on the nervous system, so make sure you make time to bring some rest and stress reducing techniques into your daily routine.

Keep moving forward with intentions that still resonate from the New Moon, and gracefully let go of those that don’t.

When we pull back from distractions and put our energy behind the things that matter the most to us, we can grow our dreams in ways we never imagined.

May your month be one of growth and self-awareness. 

Lunar Blessings